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The beginning of a new alternative rock wave! 
Five Crumbs

The newcomer band „Five Crumbs“ has started out in an impressive way. 

Both EP releases („Fall Awake“ and „Prisoners“) were produced in coorporation with theestablished producer Jeffro Lackscheide and quickly reached 30.000 streams on Spotify.

Their song „Smoke and Mirrors“ was featured on a big rock Youtube channel (Spaceuntravel) quickly after its release and was applauded by many listeners worldwide.

The song was also played on different radio stations worldwide and won the award „Ondy’s Track of the Week“ on Metal Meyhem Radio. In addition to that it became a favorite of the listeners of RadioLohro 90.2, ranking at number 1 of the listeners‘ charts for 4 continouos weeks.

Only 3 months after their first EP they already added another one to their catalogue. Contrary to most other bands who become softer and softer with their upcoming releases, they decided to take another route with their EP „Prisoners“. With blaring guitars, an impelling drum sound, punchy bass lines and a distinctive voice they managed to combine energy, melodiousness and sophisticated lyrics in an unique way. Lyrics that are desperately needed in our fast-paced time.